Vehicle Jamming System

Vehicle Jamming System

Vehicle Jamming System The Vehicle Jamming System first generation RF Jamming Bomb Jammer ™ model VIP 300S is used by individual travelers looking to protect against remote controlled improvised explosive device threats. It operates as a vehicle mounted modular radio signal jamming system. This design is used for defensive jamming of radio controlled improvised explosive devices or RCIEDs used as weapons by terrorists, assassins, and criminals within a limited area of coverage.

This Vehicle Jamming System uses sophisticated RF Jamming Bomb Jammer ™ technology to prevent trigger devices from activating remote controlled bombs.

RF Jamming involves the dissemination of radio interference in the form of electromagnetic energy. This interference blocks radio receivers from admitting the detonation signal sent by a terrorist or insurgent to activate an improvised explosive device or IED.

The system is generally mounted in a single vehicle. Effectiveness of Bomb Jammer™ Technology: In combat zones or areas of civilian unrest, emitting a protective shield of electro-magnetic energy increase the chances of survival and decreases the threat of terror attack with a remote controlled improvised explosive device or RCIED.

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