Security Seminars

HSS is able to convey knowledge through security seminars aimed at educating Resellers and their Government clients. These security seminars are informative training platforms. Some of them can be attended at Security Expositions open to the public. Other HSS seminars are available directly from HSS New York or HSS Europe, and can accommodate a more private forum.

Security Seminars
Attending an HSS Security Seminar or security exposition is an important step towards increasing your knowledge of systems and services available to those serving anti-terrorism, homeland security, electronic countermeasures and surveillance industries. The need for Security and Defense is one best pursued when keeping abreast of the newest threats to public safety, and the solutions required to address those threats.

About the Seminars
With a professional security seminar, you have the ability to learn about the security and defense industry. You also have the ability to evaluate and explore the tremendous financial opportunity to market security and surveillance technologies and services worldwide.  

HSS announces its training workshop through our proprietary line of Reseller Demonstration Kits, a hands-on demonstration method where authorized Resellers of HSS literally bring proof of concept to their respective Government clients with live samples of our technologies. We offer these security business opportunities only to vendors of Government Agencies.

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