Security Reseller Workshop

Security Reseller Workshop
Our Security Workshops help our Resellers increase their knowledge of systems and services available to those serving anti-terrorism, homeland security, electronic countermeasures and surveillance industries, all sectors engaged in protecting against the newest threats to public safety.

Workshop Design
This special program is designed to give you an opportunity to evaluate and explore the tremendous financial opportunity to market security and surveillance products and services worldwide.  HSS announces its training workshop with hands-on demonstrations of specialized technologies. We offer this service only to government agencies / government vendors, corporations and selected clients.

Workshop Topics:
  • Countermeasure Systems
  • RF Jamming / EOD Systems
  • Cellular Detection & Jamming Systems
  • Communication Control with Managed Access and Cellular Intercept solutions
  • HSS Marketing Assistance Program
  • Custom Engineering Solutions
For more information on Security Workshops at HSS offices or if you are interested in having HSS make presentations at your Security Exposition / Security meeting, Contact Us.

This unique opportunity is available to educate yourself, your staff, and your clients. Training Topics focus on the tools and knowledge used to defend against modern day threats. Attendee demographics range from government and law enforcement defense sectors, diplomatic personnel and diplomatic security forces, VIP Security and VIP security representatives, law enforcement agency consultants, and vendors to governments.

HSS Security Workshops help you realize the potential market in your geographic area and can support your efforts to find your place in the multi-billion dollar security industry. HSS Security Workshops are also an important step towards becoming an Reseller for the HSS product line.

We invite you to take part in the success that our group has been enjoying for almost half a century.

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