HSS world-wide consults on multiple technology issues.

HSS services Government clients through their respective Resellers. HSS' in-depth group of professional engineers and technicians can travel directly to your region, listen to the issues, and suggest possible courses of action. Our expertise and seasoned security teams can offer intensive hands-on training for clients, sales support for resellers, and services such as:
  • Site Surveys
  • Risk Assessment Services
Site surveys
HSS technical staff can review existing security structures and point out potential threats. A review of the current security setup can help improve the defense against weaknesses in communication security, electronic privacy, physical safety, etc. Detection of weaknesses can help yield propper countermeasures and other solutions.

Risk Assessments
Physical security for protective forces as well as high risk individuals are achievable, be it a solution to counter remote controlled weapons with our IED Defeat technologies, securing a facility with communication control to defeat cellular espionage, implementation of a cellular surveillance network for Governments, or other concerns involving the RF spectrum. Solutions can be offered for protecting premises, information, assets, trade secrets, and most importantly, lives.

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