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HSS Development "HSS" services Governments, Law Enforcement Agencies, and their respective vendors with high tech solutions for the defense, safety, and surveillance industries as well as consumer level Security.  Since the 1960's, products from the HSS group of companies have made an impact globally by solving security issues in corporate and law enforcement sectors.

Custom Engineering
Our engineers custom design many solutions for the security industry. With backgrounds in RF engineering, signal analysis, and mechanical engineering, our engineers and technicians design, prototype, test, and manufacture advanced technologies.

From building components, sub-assemblies, and full production, the applied science of our engineers is unlimited to requirements of our clients. They build new technologies to meet new challenges, as well as customize existing solutions to meet client requirements.

HSS Research & Development Laboratories, SecuritySource™, as well as strategic partners provide custom solutions to meet the Security and Surveillance needs of Government / Law Enforcement Agencies as well as HSS partners.

HSS Clients
HSS clients range from Government Defense Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Corporate end users. HSS offers high tech products and systems to be used by Authorized Users Only. 

These sensitive technologies consist of Surveillance Systems, IED Jammer technologies such as the Bomb Jammer ™, Cellular Monitoring technology, and other high level security technologies to be used by Law Enforcement and Government Agencies Only.

HSS Services
HSS offers multiple services, from factory consulting to on-site field meetings. To learn more, Click Here: HSS Services

HSS Seminars
HSS conducts industry specific forums on security and surveillance technologies.
To Learn, Click Here: HSS Security Seminars

Partnering with HSS: Reseller Opportunities for HSS Products and Services
To find out how to become an HSS partner and resell sensitive IED Jammer, Cellular Intercept Systems, and surveillance technology to Government and Law Enforcement Agencies, you can either fill out an of our online forms to Contact Us, or you can call us at 1.914.304.4333

For IED Jammer, RF Jammer, and RCIED Jammer sales outside of the United States, you may
send your inquiries to:  INFO at BOMBJAMMER dot COM 

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HSS Development is located at the following address:

HSS Development
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