Tape Recorder Nullifier

Tape Recorder Nullifier

Tape Recorder Nullifier The TRN-2000 Tape Recorder Nullifier (Digital and Analog Recorder Nullifier) is a high tech defeat system to counter the capturing of voice conversations.

How do you protect your conversations from being recorded?  How do you control who hears what you say, and prevent others from hearing recordings of your words?

* Turns Voice Recordings into Noise
* Built into a Briefcase for Portability
* Remote Control Activation

The Tape Recorder Nullifier is a portable tape & digital recording suppressor designed to conceal a conversation. As opposed to "white noise" boxes which are generally used in reception areas to prevent people from listening in to meetings being held in adjoining rooms, here is a defeat system that turns anyone's recording of your meetings, business negotiations, and/or personal disclosures into generated noise signals instead of talk.

Built into a briefcase, the TRN-2000 operates in both mobile and stationary modes. The TRN-2000 can be carried to any business gathering, from conference rooms to boardrooms to restaurants.  It also comes with remote control for off site activation. 

Note: Although this system does not constitute RF Jamming, please check your local laws with regard to the use and permitting of white noise generators.