Signal Analyzers

Signal Analyzers

Signal Analyzers Concerning our Signal Analyzers, the ECMSA 1500 electronic Countermeasures Signal Analyzer is designed to detect signals of virtually all clandestine surveillance transmitters (bugs).

The ECMSA 1500 is built with:
  • a customized spectrum analyzer
  • a bug detection processor
When designing signal analyzers, these 2 segments are vital, as they are used to discover and identify anti-privacy bugs. They are also able to store all encountered signals in memory for later review, comparison, and reporting.

The ECMSA 1500 is a professional counter surveillance system that is used to counter privacy invasion technology.  It can be manually operated, or left in its automatic function mode for unmanned operation over extended periods of time.

How it works:
The system searches a location for hidden listening devices (bugs and other transmitters).  It then locks onto their frequencies, performing 6 tests to confirm the presence of a bug, and alerts the user that they are being monitored. Built-in demodulators and a large screen LCD display are built into the system for ease of use when examining the search results. No other bug detectors or signal analyzers are as sensitive as the ECMSA 1500 series.
  • Defines distance and location of bugs (as well as suspicious transmissions)
  • Detection of covert wireless TV signals as well as digital signals
  • Bug Detection in real time
  • Evidence can be stored for later retrieval analysis
  • Prints out Sweep reports
  • Extended frequency range from 100KHz to 3GHz
  • Built in Printer (Check for printer availability - prints stored data and reports)
  • Built in Digital decoder circuitry
  • Portable & Fully automatic PC-based detection
  • Weight with batteries 18 lbs
  • Easy to read LCD Spectrum & Display