Radio Jammer

Radio Jammer

Radio Jammer Radio Jammer model VIP 300d targets radio detonators with Radio Jammer countermeasures consisting of radio jamming noise or interference. This radio jamming interference is transmitted by the Radio Jammer over the airwaves to suppress radio receivers and electronic rf equipment used to detonate an explosive device such as a road side bomb, car bomb, or suicide bomb vest; in other words, all weapons that can be detonated by remote control, falling into the category of an RCIED or Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device.

The Radio Jammer blocks remote control mechanisms with radio jamming signals so they cannot receive any type of radio communication and detonate their explosive load.

Countermeasures of this nature transmit communication jamming through a series of antennas that are tuned to several frequencies in order to stifle the radio receivers of any type of communication equipment connected to a remote controlled improvised explosive device.
Why is this Radio Jammer different from the line of Bomb Jammer radio jamming systems? Radio Jammer model VIP 300d operation is enhanced thanks to an integrated programming interface that enables the user to transmit and block all radio signals inherent in its configuration.

Can this Radio Jammer permit some signals while blocking others? The Radio Jammer VIP-300d contains the latest programmable feature for radio jamming upon command. When a bomb squad or bomb detection team enters an area that is suspected of containing an RCIED, roadside bomb, or suicide belt, the Radio Jammer they use should be able to cover an area with radio jamming interference while permit some radio signals to flow unhindered. Not every Radio Jammer can open and close this type of communication window.

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