Programmable Jammer

Programmable Jammer

Programmable Jammer
The Programmable Jammer is a communications jammer used to negate all types of rf signals. The system can work to defeat RCIED explosive triggers set off by remote control. This programmable jammer can also block unauthorized communications, and is adjustable by the user. No factory setting is required, giving the user the flexibility to control:
  • the frequency bands being blocked
  • the power output attributes when increasing or decreasing the RCIED Jammer coverage
  • the rf spectrum of frequency usage over great distances
Continual RF Jamming to target an RCIED can be conducted without frequency gaps, ensuring a concentrated attack toward all respective communication bands.

Communication Windows:
The VIP-300C allows the operator to selectively turn on or off variable sub bands in the internal jamming modules, thus allowing for normal communications to pass. Each of the bands of the VIP-300C are divided into ranges that are individually controlled. Communication windows can be created by the operator at will.

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