Laser Listening Defeat System

Laser Listening Defeat System

Laser Listening Defeat System The Laser Listening Defeat System model LLDS 2000 helps defeat audio surveillance bugs and other listening devices by generating and radiating sonic energy.  This energy attacks the actual sound waves of human speech as measured by surveillance listening devices such as:

  • wired microphones buried in walls
  • contact microphones also called contact mics
  • spike microphones also called spike mics
  • transmitters located in AC outlets
  • laser / microwave surveillance using audio reflection systems by window interception points
Originally developed to counter Audio Laser Measurement surveillance devices, the Laser Listening Defeat System will distort Infra Red sound readers, microwave bounce technology, as well as audio microphones.  The LLDS-2000 protects the user against listening devices that are not detectable by conventional methods. LLDS 2000 blocks Infra-Red & Laser Monitoring surveillance equipment.

With the LLDS 2000, the user is able to produce a security blanket of generated noise completely covering private conversations with sound that is unintelligible.  The LLDS 2000 is an excellent addition to HSS Electronic Countermeasures, or can stand alone to provide perimeter protection.

An acoustic adapter is included (built into a transductor in the form a transducer) with the LLDS 2000 for coupling walls, ceilings, air ducts, plumbing, windows, etc.

Note: Although this system does not constitute RF Jamming, please check your local laws with regard to the use and permitting of white noise generators.