Fiberscopes Fiberscopes for contraband detection serve as bomb detectors, contraband detectors, and under door scopes for EOD Teams and Swat Teams. Our line of fiberscopes consist of LED FiberScope technology built into a self contained housings for compact, field deployable operations. Our fiber scopes are bomb detectors when searching for explosives, under door scopes when breaching a room full of criminals, and contraband detectors when used to discover contraband, explosives, narcotics, and weapons.  

With LED Fiberscopes, you can see danger before facing it. You should know if a man with a gun is on the other side of the door you are walking through or if a suit case, backpack, or abandoned luggage has an explosive device in it, waiting to detonate. LED Fiber scopes are designed as optical surveillance inspection systems used for Emergency Responders, EOD Bomb Detection, and Bomb Disposal applications. All controls are built into a uniquely designed handle, making it really easy to hold and use.
These LED FiberScopes are available in 4mm Diameter & 6mm Diameter sizes, with lengths ranging from 20 - 80 inches long.

Fiberscopes & the
Digital Evidence Collector

LED Fiberscopes can take digital photographs to document inspections and findings. A Universal B style eyepiece can accommodate almost all video and camera equipment when used with a C-mount or coupler attachment. This Digital Evidence Collector will enable you to take digital photos as well as digital video that you can save onto memory cards, load on to your computer, and send to others via email.

Other Features:

    Power Indicators:  3 light indicators for remaining operation time
    Green = full power
    Yellow = approximately 10 minutes left in battery
    Red = change and recharge battery

Light Output Controls:
Push buttons are used to increase or decrease light output

Articulation Controls:
Thumb operated articulation enables the user to move the end of the scope in order to change the viewing angle

Electrostatic Grounding:
If you are operating in a highly static environment, the LED Fiberscope has a Common Point Ground for grounding wire, when needed.

Stress relief is attached where the scope handle and shaft are joined. This is removable to accommodate a semi-flexible guide tube when a more rigid shaft is needed.

The LED illumination platform includes high intensity 3 Watt White LED light and is built directly in the handle of the scope - offering the maximum light delivery. There are no separate light sources or light guide cables, and no need for replacement bulbs. The LED has a life of approximately 50,000 hours.

The outside shaft of the scope is made of rugged Tungsten braiding and is fully immersible in gasoline, diesel fuel, water, and other liquids. The scope has two-way articulation, 120 up / down directions. The Field of View is 60 for the 6.0mm diameter model, and includes a 25X magnification feature. The Field of View is 45 for the 4.0mm diameter model, and includes a 30X magnification feature.

On the 6.0mm diameter shaft of the inspection scopes, the tip can be removed to accommodate a 90 angle tip (optional).

LED Fiberscopes are powered primarily by a fully rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery, which is inserted in the battery compartment in the scope handle. A fully charged battery provides approximately 90 minutes of continuous operation.

Directly below the battery compartment is a port to power the unit via AC or DC power cord. Both power cords are optional.

A non-destructive testing (NDT) or maintenance, repair, or overhaul (MRO) professional is thus enabled to use the scope with battery power at a worksite, or with AC power at a workbench. Police and law enforcement professionals can use the scope with battery power, or with a DC power cord that plugs into a vehicle cigarette lighter.
A battery charger is included in the scope kit. The charger can be powered via AC or DC power cords.

Please note: The cords that are included with the battery charger are for the battery charger only. They are not used to power LED Fiberscopes.