Detector Jammer Demonstration Kit

Detector Jammer Demonstration Kit

Detector Jammer Demonstration Kit The Detector Jammer Demonstration Kit shows reactive jamming to mobile phones. This demonstration kit is a hybrid of both a cellular detector and cellular jammer. Before any correctional or Government Agency has a jamming system installed, they need to see a live demonstration. The Detector Jammer Demonstration Kit is that live demonstration. It consists of a two-part system that allows easy demonstration of several technologies sought by Government Agencies. Configured in two mil-spec cases, it includes dual functionalities:
  1. A RF receiver dedicated to monitoring the airwaves for communication in cellular bands using an internal application similar to a Spectrum Analyzer with Electronic Countermeasure sweeps abilities
  2. A quad-band Cellular Jamming system (export model) or Denial of Service Control Center (domestic model)
The Spectrum Analyzer scans for activity, and upon confirmation, automatically triggers the quad-band cellular jammer. The system's analyzer can be used in conjunction with the jammer to provide a real-time assessment for prison jamming projects.

In addition, a hand-held Cellular Phone Detector can employed for use when making a demonstration of the system's reactive jamming nature, be it in a prison, high-security facility, cargo sort facilities, wherein results dramatically are validated by the system. This is a unique Cellular Detector that has been custom designed to operate with sensitivity as a primary factor for those who must be able to hone in on unauthorized cell phones without having to be close by. No other manufacturer makes such a sensitive piece of test equipment.

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*All specifications are subject to change without notice. Photos are for illustration purposes only. Actual system may vary. NOTE:  IT IS ILLEGAL TO JAM ANY RADIO SIGNAL IN THE UNITED STATES.

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