DDS Jammers

DDS Jammers

DDS Jammers DDS Jammers in operation as RF Jammers are built into a briefcase configuration, equipped with a programmable Direct Digital Synthesis processor. DDS Jammers such as model VIP 200M represent a new, portable RF Jamming system used to combat Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices or RCIEDs.

DDS Jammers are now replacing existing PLL Synthesized technology found in manual jamming systems because DDS Jammers possess the ability to remain reactive or preprogrammed during the tuning of the digital jammers operation.

When RF Jammers integrate DDS Jammer technology, the user is able to broadcast RF Jamming interference on frequencies that do not require to be factory determined. VIP 200M DDS Jammers are user programmable, giving the operator the ability to open and close communication windows for short or long term communications.

To view all frequency ranges and specifications, you must register on this site, as all frequency ranges for the DDS Jammer are non-publicized. Using an intensive electromagnetic field, this Radio Frequency Jammer model VIP 200m emits powerful interference. This interference covers the indicated threat frequency bands and cannot be circumvented by filtering. These RF Jammers emit interference designed to prevent radio triggering devices from activating.

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