Covert Bomb Jamming System

Covert Bomb Jamming System

Covert Bomb Jamming System Introducing our Covert Bomb Jamming System, model VIP 300T. The IED Jammer VIP 300T is a heavy duty IED Jamming System installed into the trunk of a car, rear of a truck, or armored vehicle. This vehicle Jammer is a covert Jammer, designed to saturate the environment with radio frequency pulses of electromagnetic energy.  These pulses prevent radio receivers found in remote controlled improvised explosive devices from receiving their detonation signals.

This IED Jamming interference blocks radio signals of cell phones, walkie talkies, and satellite phones, all popular communication tools used as triggering mechanisms for remote controlled bombs, RCIEDs, and other radio controlled weapons.
This IED Jamming interference is effective in preventing the detonation of an IED that activates using RF or radio control signals. The jamming antennas are connected at a distance that gives off a maximum blocking radius while remaining distant to the occupants of the vehicle for RF safety emissions.

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