Convoy Jamming Solution

Convoy Jamming Solution

Convoy Jamming Solution VIP 300F Convoy Jamming Solution is designed to defend groups of vehicles against remote controlled weapons using IED Jammers. The components include a configuration of Bomb Jammer broadcasting modules or IED Jammers that emit radio interference from various vehicles within the convoy.

These IED Jammers interfere with radio triggers used to activate remote controlled explosive weapons. Instead of one on one ambush tactics against people traveling in numbers, RCIEDs have become the weapon of choice to maximize damage, instill fear, and terrorize the victims (if they survive). One of the safest ways to counter RCIED threats while traveling in a convoy is to set up a perimeter of IED Jammers among that convoy.

Threats range from roadside bombs, radio fired mines, and hidden remote controlled explosives near or inside sabotaged vehicles within a convoy. Radio controlled weapons detonated by an rf ied (radio frequency improvised explosive device) are responsible for an overwhelming majority of attacks against convoys. The VIP 300F IED Jammers solve the problem of how to protect groups of vehicles traveling together, either in a convoy or scattered in a central location, from Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices, RCIEDs.

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