Communication Jammer

Communication Jammer

Communication Jammer The PH500 Communication Jammer or Cell Phone Jammer is designed for cellular jamming of criminal communications. Cell Phone Jammers are composed of cell phone jamming hardware or radio jammers that broadcast cellular jamming signals within a cellular service network. The PH500 Cellular Jammer emits jamming interference signals that attack the abilities of a cell phone to receive service from a cellular network. That means that if a cell phone user is beginning to make a call or is already engaged in a call, cell phone jamming will overpower the carrier signal and terminate the call. No damage will occur to the cellular phone.

The PH500 Cell Phone Jammer is used in:
  • Tactical environments under curfew or siege
  • Military & Government Research Labs
  • Military and State detention centers
  • State Prisons
  • Anywhere that criminal communications needs to be controlled

In addition, the PH500 Communication Jammer was developed to meet the needs of law enforcement for multiple applications such as:

    block communications of suspected terrorists and criminals
    interfere with kidnapper, hijacker, & hostage scenarios involving cellular communications
    preventing information from being covertly or overtly sent via cell phone

While deployed, the PH 500 Cell Phone Jammer will operate to neutralize all cellular phones nearby from making or receiving calls. It blocks all cellular systems from GSM, CDMA, TDMA, etc.

The PH 500 HP is easily operated by a simply on / off switch or by an optional remote control. It can operate on 110 / 220 volts AC, making the system a global cellular jammer. In addition, the system can operate off of 12 volts DC and can be used in a car for portable jamming with a rechargeable battery. The PH 500 HP can be configured for either stationary or vehicle use, making it ideal for Military applications and Law Enforcement Agencies.

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