Cellular Interceptors CC2800

Cellular Interceptors CC2800

Cellular Interceptors CC2800 The CC2800 Series of Cellular Interceptors are dual purpose intelligence acquisition platforms which can be administered by those who already have a target in mind as well as by those who have little to no information about who their suspected target is.

The CC2800 Series are able to deploy in both random and target operational modes.

Target Mode:
The investigation officer has the phone number of the target or the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (the IMSI,) the CC2800 can be deployed in ‘target mode’ to lock on, monitor, and record suspected criminal communications. Anytime the target’s phone is in use, the Interceptor immediately captures the conversation so the officer can monitor and store possible criminal communications.

Random Mode:
The officer does not have any of those details but knows the vicinity the target operates in, the ‘random mode’ is an alternate solution. Random mode indiscriminately captures cellular phone traffic from ‘the air’. Once the officer overhears a suspect’s conversation, that communication and all its data variables are marked as a ‘target.’

Our COMINT technologies are designed using sensitive ‘NarrowBand’ architecture with exceptional attributes for Passive interception.

Passive interception is important, leaving no trail of discovery by the Target. The CC2800 series has been compared against competing technologies, with very positive results:

    Has advanced sensitivity to observe the cellular environment
    Is able to intercept UMTS (3G) without brute force jamming
    Is accessible for remote upgrades, diagnostics, and network analysis
    Is able to be employ ‘Class Mark Alteration’ as an enhancement, to reduce the load of communications requiring decryption by deciphering


    SMS Interception
    A custom language capable, multi-language graphic user interface (English, Spanish and French)
    A ‘self learning mode’ for automatic configuration when deploying in new environments or geographic regions

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