Cellular Communication Control Center

Cellular Communication Control Center

Cellular Communication Control Center In order to demonstrate Communication Control to your Government Clients, HSS has designed a portable Cellular Communication Control Center.

This demonstration center is intended for resellers looking to address the growing supervisor requirements of Governments who need to manage wireless communications. The system uses informative and live examples for on site meetings and demonstrations.

This Cellular Communication Control Center consists of:
1. Live demonstration applications for off the air GSM communication monitoring with optional audio features
2. Recording of unlimited communication attributes such as voice or data
3. Capture of Caller Data (inbound and outbound)

HSS now offers this demonstration center, built into a case. You roll this case into your Government meetings, and you show them how the capture of mobile communications can be accomplished.

Demonstrate to your Government Users how to capture Cellular Subscribers searching for connection to the service provider
* Capture IMSI, IMEI, TMSI, ESN data, SMS Text Messages
* Explain how Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies can store thousands of hours of voice
communications as well as millions of bits of data
* Reap the benefits of becoming an Authorized Dealer including on-site manufacturer support services for you and your clients

HSS Dealers choose Counter-Terror Communication Control Solutions when making presentations to
Government End Users.

To learn more about the Cellular Communication Control Center, check out the Security Business Opportunities website at

*All specifications are subject to change without notice. Photos are for illustration purposes only. Actual system may vary.

** Please Note: This website is intended only as a proprietary notice and does not constitute an offer to sell surreptitious intercept devices. Such an offer to sell can only be made by an official HSS proforma invoice signed by an authorized agent of HSS under the constructor of the US code Title 18 Section 2512.