Cell Catcher

Cell Catcher

Cell Catcher The Cell Catcher deals with the problem of smuggled phones in prisons using a managed access approach to communication control. Unlike RF Jammers or denial of service based Cellular Jammers, our Cellular Catchers do not employ any type of RF Jamming.

RF Jamming often causes too much interference to cell phone users in neighboring buildings as well as authorized users in Prisons such as wardens, guards, and approved administration. After years of implementing prison jammer solutions, a managed access approach to deal with smuggled phones in prisons is now the best option for correctional institutions.

In addition to Prison Solutions, the use of the HSS Cell Catcher has gained traction with regard to deployment for Government Facilities requiring cellular communication control, diplomatic users, and military users.

Many of our Cell Catchers are rack mount server configurations able to integrate with an existing or new Distributed Antenna System. Through the Management Console, the Cell Catcher is able to attract cell phones in the area and enable the operator to permit authorized users while deny unauthorized users. Other aspects of the communication control processes involve the SMS messages and email traffic, both of which are managed by the operator of the Cell Catcher.

The solution to the growing problem of unauthorized phones used by criminals in Prisons is not a new one. What is different? With the Cell Catcher, there is a solution to dealing with unauthorized users without endangering situations where Emergency calls may be placed. The Cell Catcher is equipped with a 911 Pass Through (or alternate number based on country) for calls required to reach an emergency service, even if they are initiated by cell phone users who do not have permission to use the local phone network.

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