Bomb Jammer

Bomb Jammer

Bomb Jammer The Bomb Jammer ™ shown here is the VIP300 Series. This RF Jammer was named the “We Own The Spectrum” Bomb Jammer ™ VIP 300WOTS. As an RF Jammer, the system is vehicle mounted. It consists of modular radio signal jamming telemetry, or what we call RF Radio Jammer components that conduct defensive jamming to defeat radio controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIED).

When reviewing IED Jammers, it is important to understand that not all IED Jammers are in fact used as a Bomb Jammer. Some IED Jammers are used to block cellular phone signals, and those types of cell phone jammers may have an effect on some IED threats.

Other IED Jammers are used to block only specific threats that include hardware or software interfaces of a radio jammer. The Bomb Jammer™ VIP 300WOTS operates as an RF Jammer that employs sophisticated RF technology to transmit Fast Random Sweep interference signals across a very broad range of the spectrum identified to contain threats used to detonate roadside bombs.

The VIP 300WOTS is a multi-band jammer with extended abilities that interferes with current threats in order to defeat RCIEDS. These may be put together using cell phones, walkie talkies, and satellite phones. The unique Bomb Jammer ™ VIP 300WOTS creates intensive barrage interference within the whole frequency range and at the same time amplifies the jamming signal on the narrow frequency channels which makes it more effective against the use of walkie talkies and cell phones – known devices utilized by terrorists for remote control detonation.

The VIP 300WOTS is unique.  No other Bomb Jammer ™ effectively covers as many frequency ranges.  To view the frequency spectrum used by RCIEDs and learn more about our bomb jammer abilities, contact us or go to:

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