Bomb Detector

Bomb Detector

Bomb Detector The Bomb Detector is able to detect bombs from a suicide bomb vest, bomb belt, and other person borne PBIED devices used by suicide bombers. The system is designed to keep the operator at a safe distance while it can scan a person in range of its sensors. The system is designed to accept operator sensitivity adjustments in order to discriminate between low level threats compared to high level alarming detections such as shrapnel used by a suicide bomber.

The issue with suicide bombers are that low tech explosives can be detonated on command and cause a big problem in public. If there is a second suicide bomb, a time bomb, or a remote controlled bomb, then first responders at the scene are also put at risk.

The creative solution is the Bomb Detector. With a safe operating distance for the security officer, the detector can be used in a choke point, either by a hallway inside, or organized outside from a turnstile walking traffic pattern. The detector's sensors can be covertly or overtly placed. These sensors relay alerting data to the operator. The operator can adjust sensitivity upon setup, a useful and flexible feature.

With the increase in popularity of attack by PBIED, the Bomb Detector is able to provide a layer of security between the person scanning for bombs, as well as contribute to the safety of people near the suspected bomber.

Question:  What happens if a Person Borne IED is discovered? What do you do to stop it from detonating?

Answer:    Once the Bomb Detector has done its job, there are 2 courses of action to take:
  1. Turn on an optional Bomb Jammer
  2. Isolate and / or neutralize the suicide bomber
Because there may be a handler waiting nearby, making sure the bomber does not have second thoughts, the possibility remains high that there is a remote controlled trigger to activate the suicide bomb. Therefore, the use of a Bomb Jammerô is the logical course of action to mitigate the threat.

The second step would be to isolate the suicide bomber until an EOD response unit has been called to the scene to safely remove the bomb.