Armored Vehicle Jamming System

Armored Vehicle Jamming System

Armored Vehicle Jamming System Relying on an armored vehicle for convoy security is not always enough. That is why the Armored Vehicle with IED Jammer for RF Jamming was developed.

The RF Jamming VIP 300 is an armored Vehicle that defends the occupants from Explosive Bombs and Gun Fire. The Armored VIP 300 consists of an IED Jammer or Bomb Jammer working as an RF Jammer. Our preferred vehicle of choice is a Chevrolet Suburban that is fully armored, yet we can also arrange for other SUVs that can defend against RCIEDs. The RCIEDs used by terrorists and criminals will always vary. But the vehicle armor will also help to protect the driver and passengers from gun and riffle fire according to level IV NIJ specifications.

The Armored VIP 300 features an on-board RF Jamming system or RF Jammer, designed to protect its passengers from RCIED Attacks or Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices, an RCIED, as well as prevent terrorist threats against the vehicle and its convoy.  The RF Jamming functions by blocking radio signals used to detonate a remote controlled IED or remote controlled detonation trigger during an RCIED Attack.  Utilizing multiple IED Jammers, a convoy of VIP 300 Armored Vehicles can increase the level of security when transporting protective forces in hostile territories.

Armoring Design: The armored vehicle provides top of the line ballistic protection (while including all of the original luxury designs and features supplied by its manufacturer). Expert technicians have supervised all necessary modifications made to the chassis during the production process. Our mechanics ensure that the vehicle performance, design style, and reliability are maintained. An armored convoy in dangerous environments can increase the chances of survival against an IED attack.

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